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We created a multi-channel strategy that combines all the communication channels of A.S.Adventure


Create a loyalty programme that is not based on discounts and rewards, but which does ensure that customers visit the shop more often and make more purchases.


Our multi-channel strategy informs, rewards and encourages customers and potential customers at various stages of the customer journey. We achieve this in practice by means of, among other things, the A.S.Magazine, online content and social media. A true 360° approach.

Restyling of A.S.Magazine

Until it was restyled in 2014, A.S.Magazine was just your average travel & outdoor magazine. Nothing was changed in the DNA or the brand identity, but by modifying the cover page policy, the design and the approach to content, A.S.Magazine became the top player in its segment.

Multi-channel approach

Stories featured in A.S.Magazine are also made available online as a landing page, a video or a blog post. A few weeks after a customer has received his or her copy of A.S.Magazine he or she receives additional information via email, and updates on the reports in the magazines are published on social media. So there’s no longer a kick-start from one medium, but rather a common take-off across the various channels.

Content that inspires and gets people moving

The call out to use a GoPro camera to make an inspiring short film about the beauty of nature was very successful and widely applauded. Or, in other words, how a well-chosen collaborative initiative and the right approach can transform Belgium’s natural beauty into a hit on YouTube in no time.

Don’t be a dummy and listen to Tom Waes.”

More than ever, A.S.Adventure wants the stories in A.S.Magazine to also go beyond the written word. And what better person to give a hand than Belgium’s pre-eminent outdoorsman, Tom Waes, himself?

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As a result of a long-term vision, A.S.Adventure is getting the very best out of our content marketing approach.

  • €26

    A Return On Investment... for the past 6 years.

  • 15

    Number of Belgian and international awards we have won with A.S.Adventure.

  • 1,2 mln

    Number of Explore More-members at A.S.Adventure.


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