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Digital creative octopus

HeadOffice is looking for a creative multi-tentacled whirlwind that loves to perfect his or her skills in brainstorming, thinking up new formats and innovative ways to deliver seductive content while flirting with Facebook’s algorithm and practicing the latest dances on Tik Tok. Recognize yourself? Let’s shake tentacles and meet in Teams or person!  

Your function

you think in words, images, emoji’s and more 

you’re an ace storyteller

your ideas, posts, formats get likes. Lots of likes.

you have a special gene for out of the box thinking

 you love to interact with fans of your brands during community management 

you’re constantly on the look-out for new ideas that work and you instinctively think of the right words that make them work in social media, on websites, newsletters.… and a T-shirt.

you respect deadlines and love team work

Your profile

You’re a M/V of many talents, a real Jack/Jane of many trades: copywriting, brainstorming, conceptual thinking and just goofing around in the world of digital creative content. You already have some track record in digital creativity but you’re eager to master more and new skills (even some analogue) and practice the ones you have to perfection. You spend a lot of time on social media but you also function as a team member looking for the best solution for the client. 

Our offer

you will get a crucial role in the biggest and most dynamic content marketing agency in Belgium

you will be surrounded with enthusiastic and polyvalent colleagues

we foresee possibilities for learning and plan regularly fun activities

An interesting salary package (yes, you get paid) supplemented with fringe benefits

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