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Hands-on Digital Expert

As a digital expert, you’ll join what we call our ‘digital team’, a mixture of media, copy, touchpoints, analytics, and other skills combined with a good portion of ‘common sense’ and a drive for impact in the long run. It goes without saying that we thrive by building relationships with our audiences, but especially with our clients.

Your function

What makes you happy:

A good brief. But also realising that you’re part of the process that results in a good brief.

Being part of the bigger picture. It’s not just about running ads. You question set ups, you challenge the input you get, you measure and adapt in real time to guarantee impact.

Seeing it all come together. Seeing the (digital) magic happen.

The opportunity to explore in depth. To develop a skill. To create skills which your team members and our clients value.

To have a direct connection with (y)our clients.

Your profile

You are immersed in the latest social and digital trends and new platforms. Because of your eye for detail and consistency, you are able to build a loyal and dedicated audience for your client. And thanks to previous experience and certificates (Google, FB Blueprint…), you have ready knowledge of formats and targeting possibilities.

Our offer

a monthly salary

fringe benefits

an indefinite contract

flexible working, at home or in our Herent office

Windows or macOS (your choice)

a varied job with independence, lots of learning opportunities, and more.

Furthermore, we offer a diverse portfolio of clients (Lapperre, A.S.Adventure, Colmar, Mercedes, Miele, Van Lanschot, Samsung, Zespri, Zoetis, Socialistische Mutualiteit, to name but a few), a knowledge sharing/learning environment and truly sympathetic colleagues who feel a bit like family. Our IG feed gives a good idea about what daily life @ HeadOffice is like.

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