Glowi pioneers with RCA and HeadOffice.

June 24, 2024
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Glowi, the largest private employer in Flanders, is continuing its growth strategy through majority stakes in RCA and HeadOffice. Both agencies are leading players in branding, marketing and communications. These collaborations are the next step in Glowi’s plans to further diversify its services. The two companies will join a new marketing and communications group that will instantly have more than 100 marcom professionals and cases for an extensive client portfolio in B2C, B2B and government communications. These cases include well-known names such as Fluvius, Bank Nagelmackers, the Federal and Flemish Governments, Samsung, Lapperre and Brouwerij Haacht. Tom Van den Bergh, CEO of RCA, will head the new marcom group.

Glowi has been following a growth path for years where it resolutely chooses to participate in strong companies in different sectors, says co-CEO Jo Mellemans. “With this acquisition, we are opening the door to the marketing and communications sector. We have been working with RCA for seven years and, moreover, I have been closely involved with the company for three years as an external director. So, this feels like a very logical and natural step. I am convinced that RCA is the ideal platform to build a new multidisciplinary marketing and communications group. HeadOffice will form a first highly complementary addition. The fact that the management of both RCA and HeadOffice is committed shows the confidence they have in Glowi’s strategy and vision.”


RCA and HeadOffice will form the first organizations under the new umbrella marcom group that Tom Van den Bergh will manage. Both agencies will retain their identity, autonomy and management, but will seek synergy and complementarity with each other and the Glowi group, with a view to further the growth in Belgium and the Netherlands. This ambition is reinforced by the entry of the current RCA shareholders (Bruno Leyssens, Wim Claesen, Sandra Vandoren, Bart Klerckx, Jente Joris and Tom Van den Bergh) and the key players of HeadOffice (Evi Malcorps and Stijn Jacquemyn) into the capital of Glowi.

RCA brings more than 45 years of experience and over 75 brand, marketing and communication experts. Moreover, its strong expertise in employer marketing allows Glowi to further increase its position in the HR market. HeadOffice then brings another 40-plus targeted communications experts to the table with a strong background in content marketing.

Tom Van den Bergh, CEO of RCA and of the new marcom group, stresses: “To remain relevant, our sector has to continuously adapt and respond to challenges due to new technologies, sustainability or social and cultural shifts. In this, we organize ourselves as an agency around experts and expertises in brands, marketing and communications. With a digital common thread. The partnership with Glowi allows us to tell that story faster and more innovatively. At HeadOffice, we already find a solid set of complementary services, strong and like-minded people. Where the industry often consolidates on scale, we opt for in-depth services and a shared vision of talent-driven entrepreneurship. We are confident that this is how we will achieve the most growth for our clients, the group and our own employees.”

The down-to-earth mentality is the main common denominator that we felt from our first conversations. In addition, integrated and goal-oriented thinking for our clients is paramount for the two agencies. We are two agencies, each with its own focus and expertise, and we are looking forward to working in a complementary way as early as tomorrow. Stijn and I are convinced that this is the right move for HeadOffice, but certainly also for our HO’fficers.

CEO of HeadOffice, Evi Malcorps

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