HeadOffice generates excitement among sellers about Samsung Galaxy AI

January 23, 2024
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AI is booming, and Samsung follows this trend! With their slogan ‘Galaxy AI is here’, Samsung is announcing a new era with the most advanced smartphones ever. And we wanted to be the first to tell the Samsung ambassadors and sellers the good news.

Our goal

Getting all Samsung Specialists and salespeople to experience Galaxy AI for themselves: “Amazing to know, Interesting to show”.


Our approach

Vendors were surprised with the latest features, such as Circle to Search by Google, Photo Assist, and Live Translate with Galaxy AI. To impactfully reach our predominantly Gen Z target group, we deploy a 360° approach through different channels and at different stages. Here, in addition to the practical how-tos, several TikTok-style videos that were already a great success at the previous launch will be used again.


The kick-off at the Unpacked launch event was certainly one full of amazement, wonder, and awe. And so we are back on track to make training a true experience!

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