What happens at HeadOffice never stays at HeadOffice

July 17, 2024
HeadOffice turns every salesperson into a Samsung Galaxy AI expert
Today, AI is everywhere, and not least in the new Samsung models! Samsung asked HeadOffice for assistance in ‘challenging’ salespeople’s Galaxy AI knowledge allowing them to turn every customer into a Galaxy AI expert in no time…. Read more
June 24, 2024
Glowi pioneers with RCA and HeadOffice.
Glowi, the largest private employer in Flanders, is continuing its growth strategy through majority stakes in RCA and HeadOffice. Both agencies are leading players in branding, marketing and communications. These collaborations are the next step in Glowi’s plans to further diversify its services. The two companies will join a new marketing and communications group that will instantly have more than 100 marcom professionals and cases for an extensive client portfolio in B2C, B2B and government communications. These cases include well-known names such as Fluvius, Bank Nagelmackers, the Federal and Flemish Governments, Samsung, Lapperre and Brouwerij Haacht. Tom Van den Bergh, CEO of RCA, will head the new marcom group…. Read more
February 26, 2024
We’re bringing adventure to TikTok with A.S.Adventure
Adventure is everywhere, now even on TikTok. … Read more
January 23, 2024
HeadOffice generates excitement among sellers about Samsung Galaxy AI
AI is booming, and Samsung follows this trend! With their slogan ‘Galaxy AI is here’, Samsung is announcing a new era with the most advanced smartphones ever. And we wanted to be the first to tell the Samsung ambassadors and sellers the good news. … Read more
November 29, 2023
HeadOffice scores in the Netherlands with 2 content awards
Our campaigns do not go unnoticed also beyond our country’s borders. Yes, we triumphed at the CMTA’s, which are renowned awards from the Netherlands that reward content cases. … Read more
HeadOffice develops an influencer campaign for deCheckers
November 20, 2023
HeadOffice and deCheckers distinguish fact from fiction
Was that Facebook post fake news or not? And is that a real image on Instagram or a DALL-E creation? The internet is full of (mis)information. deCheckers’ goal is to help discern fact from fiction. And we helped them with a robust influencer campaign (that’s the truth, really!). … Read more
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