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Solidaris- 'Erken mij' content campaign about pregnancy loss


Up to 1 in 4 pregnancies may end in pregnancy loss. That’s a lot.
brand strategy ICI PARIS XL


Discover our work (brand strategy and rebranding) for ICI PARIS XL.
UX & Development for Zespri - The Kiwi Brothers


Dive into our (digital) plans to help achieve Zespri’s goals.
Digital media campaign for Solidaris


A digital campaign to help people return to work after long-term absence.
Video marketing for Samsung


Find out more about how we made Samsung sales fans even more enthusiastic.
Integrated marketing campaigns for Lapperre


How did we turn Lapperre into a household name? Discover all about it.
Loyalty Programme for A.S.Adventure


Read more about the loyalty programme we developed for A.S.Adventure.
Custom Publishing: Horta magazine


Read about the Horta Magazine we developed as part of their loyalty programme.

Latest news

November 29, 2023
HeadOffice scores in the Netherlands with 2 content awards
Our campaigns do not go unnoticed also beyond our country’s borders. Yes, we triumphed at the CMTA’s, which are renowned awards from the Netherlands that reward content cases. … Read more
HeadOffice develops an influencer campaign for deCheckers
November 20, 2023
HeadOffice and deCheckers distinguish fact from fiction
Was that Facebook post fake news or not? And is that a real image on Instagram or a DALL-E creation? The internet is full of (mis)information. deCheckers’ goal is to help discern fact from fiction. And we helped them with a robust influencer campaign (that’s the truth, really!). … Read more
10 BOCAs for HeadOffice
November 16, 2023
HeadOffice on center stage BOCAs: 10 awards including the Grand Prix
It certainly was very exciting! With no less than 8 nominations, we were most likely to take home multiple awards. We redeemed all our nominations, and as cherry on the cake we received 2 extra awards: the Press Award and the Grand Prix…. Read more
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