HeadOffice and deCheckers distinguish fact from fiction

November 20, 2023
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Was that Facebook post fake news or not? And is that a real image on Instagram or a DALL-E creation? The internet is full of (mis)information. deCheckers’ goal is to help discern fact from fiction. And we helped them with a robust influencer campaign (that’s the truth, really!).


deCheckers is a Flemish platform that compiles all the questions about the accuracy of particular news reports or images in one place. Professional fact checkers do their work and all fact checks are collected at www.decheckers.be 

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Rolling out the influencer campaign

deCheckers asked us to help roll out an influencer campaign on TikTok to boost their launch in Flanders. We enthusiastically took on the job, sending influencers a fun challenge. Was their statement true or not? They had to figure it out and then share their findings on TikTok. What is also a must-have on this social media platform? Strong formats and an eye-catching launch video.  

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