The Smartest Beers in the World are the ones from SUPER 8

October 18, 2023
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SUPER 8? That’s a range of six surprisingly delicious beers from Haacht Brewery that are so good that everyone needs to know about them. During the new season of ‘De Slimste Mens ter Wereld’, you can learn everything about the range right from your couch. Because every SUPER 8 beer is a response to the widely known photo round quiz just before the TV programme starts (again).
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The SUPER 8 photo round

The aim: to familiarise everyone with Haacht Brewery’s wide SUPER 8 range. We renamed the range ‘De Slimste Bieren ter Wereld, which is also the name of our umbrella concept for the sponsorship deal with the TV programme. In ten mini-photo rounds, we let viewers discover the SUPER 8 beers for themselves.

The spots alternate for ten weeks during the DSMTW season.

Can you guess them all? 

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The SUPER 8 beers, they’re everywhere

We are taking our concept all the way from the living room on TV and online, to cafés and stores. The ‘De Slimste Bieren ter Wereld concept is reflected in retail in the various POS materials that we developed, such as door stickers and posters. You will also find the SUPER 8 quiz questions on the beer coasters. Perfect for quizzing with friends at the pub! 

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