Samsung and HeadOffice keep on rolling!

October 12, 2023
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HOoray! Samsung has reconfirmed its trust in HeadOffice for the coming years after a strategic pitch. We will continue to support Samsung with their communication and training content towards their sales channels. 

The mission

Getting Sales (mainly Gen Z) to continuously learn and be up to date on the latest Samsung (mobile) devices?


Our target group has little time to do so, and let’s face it … there are more fun things to do than completing learning objectives. But … not when learning is transformed into something completely different!

Inspired by the world of Gen Z, we developed a totally new approach to training content. Our approach integrates the latest insights and trends on effective learning and will be produced in a creative way inspired by (video) content on social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. We’re on it!


The challenge

HeadOffice will support Samsung from A to Z. From conceptualizing and producing all content for Samsung’s learning platforms to ensuring the right ecosystem is in place to distribute the content through a mix of online and offline initiatives. But also the onboarding of new sales as well as creating enthusiasm through fun in-store learning experiences are jobs we love to do.

We’re thrilled to keep up the momentum and the great collaboration so far and looking forward to further transforming training communication in the future.

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