Solidaris and HeadOffice smooth the way back to work

February 28, 2023
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Increasing numbers of people are absent from work for a long period due to illness. The number in Flanders has been increasing in recent years, and topped 240,000 in 2022. For many people, the return to work is a long and difficult journey.

Work to be done, realised Solidaris, as the health fund focusing hard on work incapacity. With help from HeadOffice they launched a motivating campaign, which offers appropriate information and inspiration to make the return to work easier. HeadOffice consulted a wide range of experts in order to uncover the most important aspects and determine the correct help content.

Our members have many questions and concerns when they are ready to return to work. Thanks to the handy online tools we not only help them with their file, but also in getting restarted.

Paul Callewaert, general secretary at Solidaris

This led to the creation of the content campaign and the platform ‘’. The theme throughout the platform centres on the five key hurdles in the way of a smooth return to work. In order to reduce or remove these hurdles, user-friendly help or tools have been developed in the form of expert videos, handy checklists and testimonials, along with an interactive test to help you identify the obstacles causing you the biggest nuisance. Those requiring more personal guidance are naturally referred to the right assistant, plus the brand-new guidance procedure from Solidaris, of course.

A smart, targeted campaign brought Solidaris members in contact with the platform via Facebook and Google Search. Furthermore, internal Solidaris channels, such as newsletters, the S-magazine, S-blog, etc. have all been put to work. Result: in under 1.5 months, as many as 11,000 people have found their way to the platform.

And it doesn’t stop there. will remain online and Solidaris is continuing with the campaign. The health fund continues to add new testimonials, is integrating the tools in their daily activities and pays regular and active attention to the topic. In this way it is hoped that many more people who have been off work for a long period will find the help and inspiration they need to return to work more easily and faster.

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