HeadOffice is HeadOffice no more! Or is it?

October 4, 2023
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It’s fair to say that HeadOffice has evolved quickly in recent years. And so we felt the time had come to shed our old skin and launch our brand-new, tailor-made approach and matching corporate identity and …website. But before you take a look, let us walk you through the journey that led to the renewed positioning of our agency.

How it started

It all grew from our new perspective on content as a potential solution rather than a starting point. So we no longer solely start from an editorial or – increasingly – digital, social content perspective. Instead, we take a much broader, unblinkered view, working creatively with our clients to devise the right solution so they can achieve their goals.

Our mindset switched from ‘What great content can we create for our client?’ to ‘How can we achieve our client’s goal?’ And it works wonderfully!

Stijn Jacquemyn, Creative Director at HeadOffice.

While this may sound completely logical, this changed perspective of ‘moving towards goals’ has allowed us to explore many more possibilities and develop more expertise. Above all, however, content has morphed into a versatile concept, offering solutions that go well beyond what you might expect.

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How it’s going

We head out every day with a backpack full of communication tools and wide-ranging content expertise, moving our clients further along the road towards their goals. Feel free to call us down-to-earth goal-getters because we like to help devise a roadmap, walking the walk and making adjustments along the way for the best possible progress and results.

That way, we can tackle various challenges and questions from our clients more easily, whether it is about awareness, growth, activation, sales, or even something completely different.

Evi Malcorps, CEO of HeadOffice.

The proof is in the pudding

After putting the finishing touches to our revamped approach, we translated it into a new story, website, and brand identity, consolidating our image as a future-proof player in the market.


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