HeadOffice on center stage BOCAs: 10 awards including the Grand Prix

November 16, 2023
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It certainly was very exciting! With no less than 8 nominations, we were most likely to take home multiple awards. We redeemed all our nominations, and as cherry on the cake we received 2 extra awards: the Press Award and the Grand Prix.

Not 8, but 10 (!) BOCAs 

Every year, we look forward to the BOCA Awards, which highlight the best content cases. This year, with a total of 8 nominations for 4 campaigns, we were the most nominated agency in the country. Were we nervous? Of course

During the show, we enthusiastically sprang from our seats no less than 10 times. The Grand Prix, the Press Award, two gold awards and more! Check the full list of awards we won.

It’s really great to see that our renewed approach, that we recently released, is already paying off.

Stijn Jacquemyn, Creative Director

A.S.Adventure x HeadOffice:

‘Daily Dose of Nature’:  

  • Gold in the category ‘Best Content Campaign B2C’ 
  • Silver in the category ‘Highest Conversion’ 
  • Silver in the category ‘Best Use of PR’  
  • And also the ‘Press Award’!  

Samsung x HeadOffice

‘Content Flipped’:

  • Gold in the category ‘Best use of Ambassadors in a Content Programme’ 
  • Bronze in the category ‘Best ST Content Campaign B2B’ 

Solidaris x HeadOffice

‘Erken mij’ and ‘Ik ben op weg’:

  • Craftmanship Award for ‘Erken mij’ in the category ‘Best Stand-alone or Special Topic Publication’  
  • Bronze for ‘Ik ben op weg’ in the category ‘Best Sustainable Strategy’  
  • Bronze for ‘Ik ben op weg’ in the category ‘Best ST Content Campaign B2C’ 

As icing on the cake, we got to take home the Grand Prix as the biggest recognition for a fantastic year. 

Our revamped approach is paying off. Our broad view of content and the areas of expertise we have further expanded, ensures HeadOffice is ready for the future. I would also like to thank our customers and of course the team at HeadOffice. Thank you for your hard work and commitment!

Evi Malcorps, CEO

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