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For many years, ‘The world is at your feet, your gear at A.S.Adventure’ was the perfect slogan for A.S.Adventure (and our mainstay since the start of our partnership more than 20 years ago). But as their range expanded over the years, they no longer just catered to die-hard adventurers but had everything you needed for any adventure – big or small. High time, in other words, to forge a new path for their brand identity.

Our approach

After a lot of preparatory strategic research, we determined the ‘why’ of the new A.S.Adventure based on Simon Sinek’s ‘Golden Circle’, giving a fresh, new, and contemporary meaning to the word ‘adventure’. After some in-depth creative sessions, we came up with ‘Adventure is everywhere’. Because adventure is not a destination or activity but a mindset, a way of life.

To this day, the new brand identity ensures that all of A.S.Adventure’s content is recognisable, uniform and, above all, adventurous. It serves as a guideline for the content of all their TV and radio ads, CRM approach, magazine, blog content, social media, POS materials, activation campaigns and so on.

The new brand identity also provided the momentum for a new loyalty programme, called Explore More. It relies on a multichannel approach to inform, inspire, reward, and incentivise (potential) customers at different stages throughout the customer journey, harvesting useful data to offer everyone tailor-made adventures.

The results

The fresh new take on adventure made A.S.Adventure accessible for everyone. Spontaneous brand awareness increased thanks, among others, to social media, content blogs, and four A.S.Magazines a year. More than 1,200,000 households have since signed up for the Explore More loyalty programme. In short, we helped create new, uniform, and, above all, adventurous branding – in the broadest sense of the word!

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