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When all the signs are there that the time has come to buy a new phone, many of us inevitably wonder how to choose the best one from the dazzling array of smartphone choices out there? Cue a great salesperson who is more than happy to share their smartphone expertise with you. But how does this young Gen Z sales talent (at Proximus or Telenet) stay up to date with the latest Samsung news without a direct link to the brand? That is the challenge we set out to solve with Samsung in the past seven years.

Our approach

We decided to work with Samsung on building a relationship with this target group. How? With a creative (at times even a little crazy) multimedia content strategy starring our Samsung ambassadors: the influencers of the Samsung sales community and the go-to for sales teams.


Twice a year, these ambassadors take to the stage for a reveal of the newest devices during Samsung’s launch event. But there’s more: they also star in fun Gen Z-style video stories (in WhatsApp groups and on socials and the learning platform) to showcase even more features. Afterwards, they hit the road, visiting each store with a fun, impactful, life-sized way to explain specific features (e.g., the Nightography Box).

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The results

Our approach ignited brand love for Samsung among the various sales teams.

  • The salespeople attending the launch event increased with more than 50%
  • The views of product videos doubled compared with previous launches
  • 100% of the target audience (Samsung sales talent) was reached
  • And, last but not least, pre-sales instore sales figures increased gradually.


We used our ambassador content to create an instructive and fun one-to-one experience. That way, Samsung mobile devices can shine in stores thanks to salespeople.


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