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People tend to ignore hearing loss symptoms for various reasons. Unfortunately, there are consequences: you may miss crucial words in a conversation or fail to hear an oncoming car, but hearing impairment may also make you more likely to develop dementia. So you can see why it’s crucial to ease the stigma surrounding hearing loss and hearing aids. Market leader Lapperre contributes to this by providing correct information, offering innovative hearing solutions, and making them more accessible.

Our approach

For 6 years, we have been creating content that not only turns Lapperre into a household name, but also tackles the challenges their audience faces. We divide this content into relevant content periods using a funnel approach. Existing and potential customers thus learn more about their hearing and what they can do about hearing loss through online and offline channels.

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But we have also created accessible campaigns such as ‘Wat is jouw Oorscore?’, making it easier for people to test their hearing for the first time.

And finally, we also helped to launch Lapperre’s first concept store, the ‘World of Hearing’.

The results

Slowly but surely, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of good hearing. Lapperre’s brand awareness increased thanks to the company’s investment in content. We also noticed a 15% increase in the number of website visitors, a positive evolution that was also reflected in the number of appointments.

Together with Lapperre, we continue to reduce barriers to hearing aid adoption and create valuable content.

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