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More and more people are absent from work for long(er) periods of time due to illness. And once people are ready to return, it often brings uncertainties. Will you start to work full-time again right away? What do you say to your colleagues after your absence? And what if you relapse? Solidaris members are no different in this respect. But now they can confidently plan their return to work thanks to the help content we developed for them.
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Our approach

What do you really don’t look forward to when returning to work? We put this question to several experts who helped us identify all possible hurdles to a smooth return. We then linked these hurdles to tools such as expert videos, checklists, guides, testimonials, and personal coaching from Solidaris. We made all this useful information available on www.ikbenopweg.be and even developed a test that you can use to identify your biggest hurdles and the tools you need to overcome them.

Solidaris - Ik ben op weg
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The results

Since it was launched, the platfom has been visited over 20,000 times by Solidaris members. The guides and checklists were downloaded 3,000 times, and around 1730 people took the self-test.  

Of course, this is just the beginning. The platform will remain online for the long term and the content is regularly distributed through Solidaris’ own channels. This way, we can continue to help Solidaris members overcome any back-to-work challenges they face! 

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