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Zespri , the world’s largest kiwi producer, strives to deliver more than healthy fruit. A challenge that we have been working on these past five years with their local marketing team (BE and NL). Alongside their internationally-coordinated campaigns, we developed several (digital) plans to achieve their goal.
UX & Development for Zespri

Our approach

How do you ensure that Belgians and Dutch people eat healthily, get enough exercise, and feel good about themselves? We created (online) content that draws on the brand’s assets.

Once a year, we organise a survey to assess the average Belgian’s health. The interesting results, which we publish to the Fit & Vol Pit platform, also reveal some working points, which we use to create bite-sized content.

UX & Development for Zespri - Fit & Vol Pit

We also developed a B2B platform for nutritionists: ‘Onder Diëtisten – Vitalized by Zespri’. This brings nutritionists up to speed on current topics in nutrition and dietetics. 

UX & Development for Zespri - Onder Diëtisten
UX & Development for Zespri - Onder Diëtisten

And finally, ‘Fruit een lekkere buit’. This is our annual ball campaign for schools to encourage young families and schools to make healthy nutrition choices. The point of these fun free lesson packs and ‘exercise snacks’ is to teach them young!

UX & Development for Zespri - Fruit, een lekkere buit

The results

Thanks to this comprehensive (digital) approach, most people know Zespri. Zespri moved up from third to second place on the awareness ladder for fruit brands. To date, more than 700 nutritionists in Belgium signed up for ‘Onder Diëtisten – Vitalized by Zespri’. There are lots of different paths to healthy living that go beyond eating more kiwis (although eating kiwis really goes a long way!).

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